So that was the day that Selena Gomez found on Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner having sex


We cannot stop saying that the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber it has become one of the most toxic and controversial of all time, even though they were a favorite, also became the most cruel, or at least that to Selena who had to discover many infidelity on the part of Justin Bieber and one of them with her friends Kylie Jenner and Kendall with whom he had relationships. So it was that day that she discovered that her boyfriend had cheated with the sisters.

So it is, and that is that we had been aware of that Justin Bieber had cheated on Selena Gomez with Barbara Palvin, with his now wife Hailey Baldwin and other models involved, however, never believed that also with Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the same time, how strange it is to have a friendship with Justin Bieber after they had sex and when is now the husband of your best friend.

Recalling that day that Selena discovered the infidelity, a web surfer said that with Kylie Jenner there were more messages, however between Justin and Kylie sent nudes and photos very hot and heavy. However the story with Kendall it was different and stronger because they do the discovered having sex in the house of Bieber.

“After Coachella in April of 2014, when Selena and Justin were still a couple, she came to his house and I saw Kendall on the bed while they had relations. Selena was altered and immediately broke his heart”told according to a source to the magazine Life & Style.

And it was to be expected, since Selena Gomez had a relationship with Justin but even worse, it maintained a friendship with the sisters Jenner, so that the learning of the double infidelity, he did not hesitate to to be rude with them, because they had betrayed. The deceptions of Justin with Kylie and Kendall it was one of the things that Selena he decided to retire there, only for a time because after they returned and we already know the story, however returning to these times in which the singer is the husband of Hailey Baldwin and she is best friend of Kendall, how rare it must be!