So would look like Christopher Reeve in the costume of Superman Henry Cavill


A new piece of fan art shows how it might have looked like Christopher Reeve like Superman, but with the costume of Henry Cavill.

Zero, a illustrator digital fan comics that resides in New York, made a poster of Superman with the head of Reeve retouched in the body of Cavill and the Daily Planet being destroyed in the background. The illustrator shared fan art through your account Instagram.

Superman was one of the first superheroes in becoming popular with his debut in 1938. Over the years not only has there been hundreds of comics about the Man of Steel, but it has also been brought to the screens with a number of actors have been portrayed in television programs and movies. With so many versions of the hero, it has even come to discuss who has been the best Superman on the big screen, what a lot of people vote for the version of Christopher Reeve.

Christopher Reeve Henry Cavill

Reeve has been one of the most popular versions of the character. Everything started from 1978 when she starred in Superman director Richard Donner. Later, Reeve played the character in three sequels more, being his last appearance as the hero in 1987 with Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

In the case of Henry Cavill, the actor came in 2013 for playing Superman in Man of Steel of Zack Snyder. The interpretation of Cavill Superman received mixed reviews, but one thing that did distinguish itself from the previous versions of the hero was a reinvention in the suit, which breaks with the tradition of the colors blue, red and yellow.

Christopher Reeve Henry Cavill

Do you like how it looks? Certainly looks very different from how we were accustomed to see him, and although the costume of Reeve was and will continue to be iconic, not going to look the same way in a modern movie of Superman. In addition, Cavill wore the costume of Superman Reeve in the camera tests to Man of Steel, so it is fun to remember to Reeve, who died in 2004, in the fashionable costume of Superman of Cavill.