Sophie Turner makes up her home to her husband Joe Jonas


  • Sophie Turner up to her husband Joe Jonas during his confinement in home.
  • The couple is offering a lot of content on social networks these days.

    The quarantine has brought out our most creative at home. And despite having thousand and a few leisure alternatives home —as is the ‘summer cinema’ from your balcony— we are always looking for something new to do. Although that is applying makeup to our guy. An activity that Sophie Turner to carried out with Joe Jonas from the comfort of your home mansion and which he has brightened up the day, the truth. As told herself, these days she had insisted her husband to leave her make up, a routine ‘beauty’ to which I would have refused in categorical form… until now. And it is that anyone says no to Sansa Stark. She herself has uploaded the result of his work of makeup in the face of her husband, that poses something lost while playing video games. And the truth is that the result we liked quite a lot —not to say that it’s still the same OR MORE handsome—.

    Will rough some makeup, eye shadow color lilac and a few splashes of ‘highlighter’ to make Joe look so handsome. Now it would only be necessary that smiling as she and already, all in order.

    Joe Jonas, redefined by Sophie Turner.

    Joe Jonas, redefined by his wife, Sophie Turner.


    Donning a sweatshirt with a black hood and a cap of Balenciaga, the member of the Jonas Brothers went with Sophie during the running of the bulls in his residence of $ 14 million in Encino, California, very close to where you live Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

    A confinement which, on the other hand, are filled with jokes such as this that the young man was the interpreter a few days in full direct with the program of Conan O’brien. What you die of desire to spend these days of confinement in his own house? If so, get in the queue, please.