The brother of Kim Kardashian accused her ex of targeting it with a weapon during a fight


Since in 2016 Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have decided to put an end to their relationship only a month of bringing the world to your daughter Dream, they are not the best friends.

The breakdown of the couple was in the news due to the series of videos and insults were exchanged both.

The accusations of infidelity and drug use was not long in arriving, causing a long and hard fight in the courts.

Four years later, the american E! News has had access to some documents presented by the attorneys of the brother of Kim Kardashian where this ensures that suffered domestic violence.

According to Rob in his statement, his partner would have him pointing a gun in the head on 14 December 2016. A fight in which Blac Chyna would have been under the effects of cocaine.

And is that the testimony of the small of the Kardashian ensures that the model began to consume drugs and alcohol nothing more to give birth to her first daughter.