the brutal scene removed that gave the Black Widow a death more exciting

It has been about a year of the premiere of the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the film Marvel still starring in headlines from time to time. It is now by the appearance online of a scene removed that sealed the fate of Black Widow in a much more spectacular than we have been seeing in movie theaters.

With Thanos in the heels

Sure that all of you will recall the scene in which the character played by Scarlett Johansson was ready to sacrifice himself to save hawkeye and that he could be done with the Stone of the Soul. In this other vision of the moment, everything is more urgent than being in the middle of a battle against the army of Thanos, which cause everything to precipitate.

Personally I think that it is a scene much more exciting than the one that was included in the film, both because of the threat they face as by the use of the music, giving it a touch much more tragic the sacrifice of the character to make it into something more universal than a personal decision for the superhero who gives life Jeremy Renner can go back with yours.

What do you like more the scene of the death of Black Widow that is part of ‘Vengadore: Endgame’ or this sequence deleted from the film? I don’t have it all clear in your set and that speaks very well of those two minutes we had not been able to view online until now.

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