The community of Final Fantasy XIV held a funeral for a player who died of coronavirus


The current pandemic of COVID-19 it requires all of us to be in quarantine, away from each other, and that we interact with virtually. But, that does not mean that the humanity and the feelings have to be abandoned.

Video games create strong communities even if the players have never met in person. They will learn to work in a team, they create bonds and support between them virtually.

Evidence of this is the community of Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, one of their players died of COVID-19and in a way that is very moving to commemorate their fallen comrade, the entire community of the game around the world joined to perform a funeral virtual.

One of the players in the online community for FFXIV passed away from COVID-19, so all the players all over the world came together for a memorial march from gaming

It was a commemorative march marking in his honor, and videos of it circulating on social networks such as Reddit, 9Gag, Twitter, Resetera and Meme, among others.

It is a gesture moving in the midst of difficult times, and it’s this kind of instances that prove that humanity prevails over any difficulties. Even when we must be separated from each other.

What do you think of this? Did you participate in the funeral of the deceased player of Final Fantasy XIV?

Source: DualShockers