The extraordinary recognition for Gabriela Sabatini


The name of Gabriela Sabatini is written with golden letters in the history of the sport scene. Throughout his career, it is enshrined in several major tournaments and was the one that gave him fight hand to hand to steffi graf, considered by many to be one of the best tennis players in history. Beyond that Gaby retired very young and almost 25 years ago, his legacy continues in force.

The global pandemic by coronavirus has caused an enormous health crisis that did suspend all sporting activities, including tennis. Big tournaments like Wimbledon and Roland Garros were suspended, and it is rumored that the circuit will be zero during the entire 2020. That is why in order to entertain the fans, since the united states launched a survey in which argentina’s tennis player came out winning.

From the account of the US Open decided to make a vote to choose the best champion of all time. And it’s just the one that received the most votes was Gaby Sabatini. For this, we took into account their consecration in the 1990 edition, being the only argentinean who has achieved this award in the singles, and to add more epic did it in front of steffi graf with a resounding 2-0.

To stay with this title virtual, argentina had to beat other champions in history. His path began against Serena Williams 1999. Then he crossed in the voting Chris Evert 1975, Kim Clijsters 2009 and again to Evert in the edition of 1978. In the end he had to battle it out with a favorite of the survey as Maria Sharapovawinner of the Grand Slam u.s. in 2006.

Finally Gaby he stayed with the 59% of the votes over a total of 12.291 people who joined the survey. “After 30 years I won a title again, and without leaving my house. Thanks to all the fans who voted #StayHome #StaySafe“ wrote the tennis player on his Twitter account, the more happy and grateful for this distinction in 30 years of his coronation in New York.