The hoax of the concerts of Instagram Live that you has come by Whatsapp

It is impossible that Charles Bradley is acting in Instagram. Basically because Charles Bradley, the genius who achieved success too late and for too little time, it takes three years dead. And the dead do not have to well sing in Instagram direct. Another thing is in deferred mode, but in direct what is said in direct, That’s the message from Whatsapp that announces 29 wonderful concerts in Instagram Live, from Arctic Monkeys to Coldplay, going by John Mayer, is a hoax. It had all the perfect ingredients for colara: appears at the appropriate time in the appropriate way. Appears in full confinement, now that many artists interpreted the small pieces on their social networks in an act of resilience collective, it is easy to believe that any musician can do it. Why was not going to do it Coldplay? We’ve seen Billie Eilish singing from his home, James Rhodes us plays the piano several times a day through his Twitter account (in addition to making pancakes for his neighbors now that he has bought a multicook). So why not? And also appears through the medium of suitable Whatsapp (also on Telegram, eye): enter fast and without effort (it does not require the effort of reading a digital newspaper, or the effort of watching or listening to the news), comes from a source that you trust, so that you don’t use your ability to issue critical judgments. Besides, it is not sensitive information, so it is easy that you believe it. But the hoax is falling apart by itself as you read it:

15/04 – Arctic Monkeys – 21h30

16/04 – Justin Pharrell and Timbaland – 20hrs

16/04 – Fatboy Slim – 20:30h

17/04 – Future Islands 19hrs

17/04 – Mac DeMarco 19hrs

17/04 – Kings of Leon – 20hrs

18/04 – Vance Joy – 15hrs

18/04 – Father John Misty – 16hrs

18/04 – The Black Keys – 16hrs

18/04 – Sheryl Crow – 17hrs

18/04 – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – 20hrs

18/04 – Chet Faker – 22hrs

19/04 – Charles Bradley – 16hrs

19/04 – The Weeknd – 18hrs

20/04 – Erykah Badu – 20h

20/04 – Grizzly Bear – 20hrs

20/04 – Khruangbin – 20hrs

20/04 – John Mayer – 21hrs

21/04 – Joss Stone – 16hrs

21/04 – Maroon 5 – 18hrs

21/04 – Dave Matthews Band – 19hrs

22/04 – Daft Punk

24/04 – Ben Harper and Jack Johnson – 21hrs

25/04 – John Butler Trio – 17hrs

25/04 – Alabama Shakes – 20hrs

25/04 – Lenny Kravitz – 20hrs

26/04 – Harry Styles – 16hrs

26/04 – Paul McCartney – 18hrs

30/04 – Coldplay

Does not fit anything. For a start, the hours are intended for Spain. If you think a little, that schedule doesn’t fit with the rest of the Planet. What curious that hours as appropriate to the Spanish public? If you don’t know Charles Bradley, and you don’t know that he is dead, there were more elements to suspect. In the second place, absolutely none of the 26 musicians and groups had announced the concerts, starting with Arctic Monkeys, on their social networks. Moreover, none of these artists has been especially active on social networks during the confinement, which ruled out the option of concerts by surprise. All of them, to act, would for a charity event, organized to raise money to fight against the Coronavirus. And no organization, absolutely no, they has assembled all of them. With that should be more than enough.

The message of Whatsapp was meant to be a crowd pleaser, a cast satisfactory for all types of public, with a sufficient amount of well-known names to the great public, but also with enough names to indie to call the attention of those who twist the nose when they increase to Maroon 5.

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