The nasty injury he suffered the double of Sophie Turner during an action scene

Sophie Turner he rose to international fame with his role of Santa Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’, but although his character had one of the best evolutions of the acclaimed series, the young man did not have much opportunity to test his combat skills.

Then came ‘X-Men: Phoenix Dark‘, where Sophie plays the powerful Jean Grey. And the action scenes were so elaborate that many times they relied on a double action.

In fact, the double of Sophie Turner suffered a nasty accident during the shoot, as has been revealed now in the program Corridor Crew Jesse La Flair, double Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) in the film.

The incident took place during the fight to try to stop Jean in his childhood home, where Nightcrawler the subject as he begins to levitate, and teleport to the roof.

“The idea was to hold us together, and wrestle, try to be in that role, and then a fall from the roof to a mat. When we arrived, and we rehearsed, the mattress was only a meter from the roof. On the day of filming they said, ‘we’re going to do the drop from 2.5 meters‘or something like that. And when we did it, boom, we fall, bang. As we were on the mat she said ‘I have broken the leg‘. His leg fell to the other side, then continue rolling, and simply… boom. The bone protruded on the outside of the boot”.

Finally, the double had to be transferred to the hospital where he was able to recover, but Flair assures that the next day returned to do the scene with another double.

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