The premieres forgotten by 2020


Since the coronavirus began to flog to China at the beginning of the year, Hollywood began to prevent that the worst was yet to come, well they were delaying their premieres, as No time to die, the new James Bond film, that I even thought its world premiere in the asian country, with a media tour and all the paraphernalia, right now in April.

Now the tape of the agent 007, will arrive in theaters on November 12, first to the Uk and after the 25th of the same month to the united States and other international markets, The Hollywood Reporter estimated that the losses by marketing to move the film date, are between 30 and 50 million dollars.

As well as the british spy of the Martini shaken but not stirred, there are more productions that had to be postponed immediately initiated the health crisis, such as the already disrupted production of The new mutants, which was filmed from 2017, and planned its release for April of 2018, after being asked to shoot new scenes, so it was delayed to February 2019, then August, until he finally got the April 3, 2020 as launch attempt, but now Disney, you don’t even have plans to release it.

And the long-awaited Black Widow, who will begin the path of stage four in the Universe, Cinematic, Marvel, also had the misfortune of covid19, as it should be in cinemas on the first of may, but will now be in theaters until November 6.

Meet some of the productions most anticipated for this 2020 and its summer, but unfortunately have been postponed until the end of the current year.

Wonder Woman 1984
Premiere original: June 5,
Premiere tentative: August 14,
The launch of the sequel to wonder Woman, has been postponed several times, his first attempt at premiere was referred to the 13 of December of last year, then tried to overtake for the first of November, until it became the date of the five of June.

However, the pandemic orilló that this film has the attempt now to leave in August next; this sequel is not located in time, present, as it says in its title will be placed to almost half of the penultimate decade of the TWENTIETH century.

This is the only film of the Expanded Universe of DC scheduled for 2020, in theory, the following would have released three cassettes, Black Adam, The suicide squad and The Batman, with the exception of The suicide squad, which completed its production in February, the other two are with a production stranded until further notice.

Premiere original: June 19,
Premiere tentative: November 20,
With the eternal questioning as to whether there is a soul, it’s like Disney and Pixar were Soul, which began its development from 2016, the intention of the animation studio has always been in the summer of this year, but now will be seen until next fall.

The artists winners of the Oscar for Best Music, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, will be in charge of composing the soundtrack of the film, while Jon Batiste added themes of jazz.

Jamie Foxx lend his voice to the main character, Joe Gardner, a music teacher at the point of reaching your dream top in the world of jazz, has an accident and his soul separates from his body, among other talents that will be on the production are Tina Fey, Angela Bassett and drummer Ahmir Khalid Thompson, better known as Questlove.

Top Gun: Maverick
Premiere original: June 24,
Premiere tentative: December 23,
After 30 years of the first movie directed by Tony Scott, this project at the end will be out later this year, but his production has not been easy, since the filmmaker brother Ridley, he committed suicide in 2012.

This project had been in talks since 2010, but seven years later was that, in the end, Tom Cruise confirmed that it would, even returning the original composer of the first tape, Harold Faltermeyer.

Now the direction is by Joseph Kosinski, the plot follows closely to the character symbol of the history, captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who continues to be a test pilot and now a flight instructor, refused to raise in rank, because you want to continue breaking the wind to take the controls of their aircraft.

Premiere original: July 17,
Premiere tentative: No changes
The eleventh film from the prolific filmmaker Christopher Nolan, is a complete cloud of uncertainty, your argument maintained in full secrecía, just know that it is a story of espionage and possibly include time travel.

Up to the time Warner Bros. company which distributes his tapes, has not been pronounced about a change tentative date, however it is likely that the feature be postponed until the autumn and even winter this year.

The cast of star that includes the production is John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, and again Michael Caine, its budget has been estimated at $ 205 million, and filming was done mainly with IMAX cameras and 70 mm, it also being shot in seven different countries.

Premiere original: 18 December
Premiere tentative: No changes
35 years ago no one had dared again to bring this franchise to the cinema, but the québécois Denis Villeneuve, had the daring to face the novel of Frank Herbert and bring it to the modern cinema with an adaptation divided in two parts.

Recently the main actor Timothée Chalamet, who plays Paul Atreides, revealed on his Twitter account the first official image of the film, because within months of its launch, even has a preview video.

Vanity Fair published a few more images, other than that the histrión made public on the social network of microblogging.

This premiere the widely anticipated will come to theaters on December 18, and between the talent that will box is of first level, some names that stand out are Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem.

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