The quarantine shows the artists in your facet to it gamer!

The quarantine has made it that we search for new hobbies to take advantage of the day or simply do not become bored in this quarantine and that have made these artists.

Artists Gamers
Photo: Prince Royce Instagram

Find new hobbies, in addition to creating songs, the artists should have fun, NOT everything can be work. There are to find new ways to entertain themselves while passing the pandemic and try to take this in the best way, always positive, learning something new, or just playing to play.

In this last option, we’ve found several artists showing his facet of videogamers, Prince Royce, one of them.
Playing he has spent his afternoons of boredom, and has been so good that it is already in season 3 WarZone, all addicted to strategy games. What jugarías you with our attractive singer?

Anuel AA

A recognized page in the genre urban call reggaetonrevealed some secrets that were told by Lunay in an interview. One of them was the following: Anuel AA is Addicted to FIFA.

And so what we confirmed, what we have seen in several games Fifa Online and in their last song which has an official video, we can see a console and Anuel concentrated playing. The singer of trap is a video game addict, and apparently the quarantine will enhance the skills of our talented singer.

Photo: Follow x-Karol G & Anuel AA

Ice T

The popular rapper and star of the television of the united States, announced at some point in your life – listen to this- , the videosjuegos you like as much as Hip Hop, so we believe that you should love it too.

The american artist says that he grew up with the Atari, a console classic that brings a lot of nostalgia. Mortal Kombat and NBA jam are two sagas favorite and favorite, has rescued every one of their premieres, becoming a master gamer, you could even create a channel of games!

Now, in quarantine, has been dedicated to playing Call Of Duty, which has also been declared a fan very hard. The thing I most like to play is the online mode and just at this time that the battles of field in direct are so popular, you must be going through a quarantine fantastic. Artist and playful, everything a combo.

Check out one of their games here, it really is very good.

Snoop Dog

Another rapper gamer and artist is Calvin Cordozar, more known in the music industry such as Snoop Dog. Like its namesake above, Snoop gives strong Call Of Duty, and is so fond of that I think a group of players own in 2006 called “Hip Hop Gaming League”. This group that wanted to create was a team of players that besides being artists they were gamers, and it was very good.
In addition to this, the rapper has also been the protagonist of his own game called ‘The Way Of The Dog’ as has also lent his very ordered voice for the downloadable Call of Duty, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, which has been declared a fan.

Justin Bieber

Did you expect to find this name on our list?, probably not. In addition to live with his followers in Instagram, and spend time very much in love with his wife, Bieber has also dedicated time to the game. And is that Justin has already told us that you love games like Call Of Duty, Mario Kart or one of the most popular games online you had X-box, ‘Halo‘. Before the quarantine Bieber in his free time played and we are now confident that their stage gamer was born, and to the fullest.

Bieber is seen at the start of their isolation playing, until it posted!

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