The Saga | Paul McCartney calls for closure of animal markets in China


In a talk recently that was of Paul McCartney, Howard Stern, the former beatle talked about the coronavirus. All the theories suggest that the coronavirus came from the city of Wuhan in China after a person eats soup of bat in a street market where you tend to prepare food with wild animals, in light of this fact, McCartney mentioned that he hoped that these places were closed forever.

In addition, he also asked other artists to join the initiative to press the chinese authorities to close completely this kind of places as they have not only been causing coronavirus, but other diseases very dangerous.

The legendary singer-songwriter was ahead before those that are likely to escandalizarían before his position which he defended.

At the end of this interview, Paul McCartney sent a message of hope for all those who are suffering because of the coronavirus, recalled that when he was a child he had to live the last moments of the Second World War and thanks to that, his parents taught him that everyone can get ahead and it is no different on this occasion.

The ex-beatle is a vegetarian since 1975, has become one of the greatest defenders of the rights of animals. This Saturday, April 18, will join artists such as Lizzo, Elton John, Billie Eilish, Stevie Wonder among others, in a benefit concert organized by Lady Gaga to raise money for the Fund of Solidarity Response COVID-19, the World Health Organization.