The Tribeca film Festival begins today but only for the jury



The Tribeca film Festival in New York begins today’s edition of 2020, although it may not develop in its normal format by the coronavirus, so the organizers have decided to move forward with some sections online but with the viewing of the official section only on the part of the jury.

In this way, the top ten films of the international competition will be seen from today by a jury formed by Danny Boyle, William Hurt, Demián Bichir, Judith Godrèche and Sabine Hoffman.

The organization sent a letter to the leaders of the ten films, which remind us that the festival has been postponed, “but not cancelled”, and that the formula that they have chosen to either assume a version completely on-line this edition, as has been explained to Efe some of the participants.

It is for the jury to see, in the same days in which it was intended, the films that are part of the international section of the competition. And the prizes will be announced on the festival website according to the dates the original celebration, which were from 15 to 26 April.

The prizes that will be given the jury are of Best Film, Best Actor, best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best cinematography.

Among these ten movies there are three in Latin america: the peruvian “Contacted”, directed by Marité ugás managing and produced by Mariana Rondon (“Pelo malo,” Golden Shell at the San Sebastian film Festival); the mexican “Kokoloko”, by Gerardo Naranjo, and the chilean “No one knows that I’m here,” Gaspar Antillo and produced by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larrain.

The rest of the films in this competition are: “Ainu Mosir”, Takeshi Fukunaga (China, Japan, USA.UU); “Asia,” of Ruthy Pribar (Israel); “The Hater”, Jan Komasa (Poland); “My Wonderful Wanda”, Bettina Oberli (Switzerland); “She Paradise”, by Maya Cozier (Trinidad and Tobago); “Sublet”, by Eytan Fox (Israel, U.S.), and “Tryst with Destiny”, of Prashant Nair (India, France).

In addition to the international section, the festival maintains a section online of short films.

Ten days ago, the festival also announced that it would move forward with the section Tribeca Immersive: Cinema360, which features 15 films of virtual reality, grouped in four programs of about 30 or 40 minutes each, which will be seen in homes from the pioneer device Oculus from Facebook from the 17 of April.