The video of this goat stop on two legs that gives awe – – Journal of Mendoza, Argentina


The goat stands on its hind and motionless, in a complete state of tension. The time was recorded in a video shared by the channel BRiaNMaZaPaN YouTube, and the background there is a place completely dark and desolate.

The viral video became a trend in a matter of hours and shot several theories: while many users were skeptical, some commented that the video was fake and edited and others claimed it was witchcraft or something like that.

In reality it is the work of a taxidermist, and even the goat is part of an exhibition.

This is Adele Morse who is well known for its countless works of art with stuffed animals, it is known that she is the person that recorded the goat, however, the video was edited and uploaded to social networking sites to cause controversy and terror among the internet users.