These are the 5 best covers of Win Butler


A April 14, but 1980 was born the great Win Butler, whom we all know for being the lead vocalist and one of the creative minds of Arcade Fire. Since he rose to fame with the band in 2004 with Funeral, it has maintained its prestige as one of the most important musicians of his generation and perhaps of the last few yearsthanks to the huge and rich blend of sound that there is in the discography of the group, as are of the few that can afford to play whatever and whenever they will work out wonderfully.

With the passing of the years followed suit by pulling out disks with Arcade Fire that became classics instant as Neon Bible, The Suburbs and Reflektor, always keeping the quality in their compositions. It was thanks to this that they began to be respected not only by bands that grew at the pair of them, but by true legends of the music as David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Debbie Harry of Blondie, Beck and up Aaron Paul he has worked with them. Yes, the very Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad.


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In 2017 canadians returned with Everything Nowher most recent studio album, and since then little has been known of Win Butler and company up to now, that announced in their social networks that was working on the sixth album of Arcade Fire. Around the singer of the band there are things quite curious, such as when it came out in the Vive Latino 2014 disguised to see Mikel Erentxun playing his version of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths or when he ran to the versions fake Daft Punk.

But one of the facets is not as well known of Win Butler is the love he feels for the coversbecause in recent times (either alone or accompanied by great guests) has been fanned by their own versions of tracks that we all love. But hey, just you talking, then we will review some of the covers that the leader of Arcade Fire has been fannedsome perhaps expected, and others that nobody saw coming.


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“Rebel Rebel” by David Bowir with Kurt Vile

For nobody is a secret that both Win as the members of Arcade Fire are big fans of David Bowie. His dream was fulfilled when the legendary English musician he played with them “Wake Up” and years later he would make an appearance on the disc Reflektor.

Almost four months after the death of Bowie, the lord Butler at a party where were artists like Charlie XCX, Bethany Cosantino and more, he came up onto the stage next to his friend Kurt Vile, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jaleel of TV On The Radio and the producer Money Mark to play the classic “Rebel Rebel”. Could not ask for a better tribute to one of his heroes.

“Heart of Glass” with Debbie Harry of Blondie

In 2014 Arcade Fire was one of the main acts of the Coachella festival, where they were featuring the great Reflektor. During the two weekends that lasted the festival, the band pulled out some aces in the sleeve as Beck playing with them “Controversy” by Prince, but without a doubt the best thing was to see Debbie Harry with Win Butler and company playing one of the classics from Blondie, “Heart Of Glass”. One of those covers that really make you thank for continuing to live.

“Born in the U. S. A.” by Bruce Springsteen

Even if you already have the nationality, and feel more canadian than the maple syrup, jiar jiar, Win Butler was born in the united States, to be accurate in The Woodlands, Texas. So when they called in 2016 to give a show next to the jazz band Preservation Hall during the event Jam The Vote –to raise awareness to all about the importance of voting–, did not hesitate to touch one of the grounders most patriotic of that country, “Born in the U. S. A.” the Boss Springsteen with a touch jazzy and even a bit nostalgic.

“Hotline Bling” of Drake with Miguel and Kamasi Washington

Perhaps this is the cover more strange within this listbut believe it or not, yes it happened. In 2016 and during the festival Okeechobee put together a súperbanda formed by Win Butler, Miguel, Marcus Mumford, and Kamasi Washington. On that night they played songs from bands such as The Clash, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and more, however the moment that most caught our attention was when they cast “Hotline Bling” Drake –yes, the rola of the meme– and the truth is that there was nothing wrong.

The mashup between “Jesus Walks” Kanye West and “Loser” by Beck

Many will recall that in addition to giving us great tracks with Arcade Fire, the good Win is beating to mix tracks behind the turntables. Your pseudonym as a DJ is Microsoft98 and under this name travels the world to get us to dance. However, when it happened the fight between Kanye West and Beck at 2015 decided to get in a very creative way.

This whole lawsuit itching when the rapper made a tantrum, then that would give the blond the Grammy for best album of the year and not to his comadre Beyoncé– , mr. Butler tried to break the tension that had been between them to put together a mashup with two of the grounders banner of both “Jesus Walks” and “Loser”. You may not managed to soften the rough edges to the mix these tracks, but we made it very clear that both could coexist in the same song.