This is Quibi, the new service for watching movies and series on your mobile


Quibi is a new app that allows you to view content of films and series from the mobile phone. The contents, which is accessed through the payment of a monthly subscription, are offered divided in “small bites” of less than ten minutes and all are created by directors and producers-renowned in Hollywood.

The contents of Quibi are intended to be consumed on a mobile phone, which compete directly with Facebook Video, YouTube, TV and Snapchat.

The app Quibi has been created by Jeffrey Katzenberg, former president of the division film of Disney, and Megan Whitman, ex-CEO of eBay and HP, and could be considered as the response of Hollywood to content streaming such as Netflix, HBO or Disney Plus but designed only for mobile. The initiative counts with the support of the entertainment industry of Hollywood, with investors from the likes of Disney, WarnerMedia, Entertainment One, Viacom, Sony or Alibaba.

The idea of Quibi is to create quality content Hollywoodbut focused directly to the consumer in mobile phone, so that contents of Quibi are “parties” in bouts of ten minutes or less, that are intended to be consumed in the waiting room, on the way to work or in the bathroom. In fact, their own name comes from putting together the words “Quick bites”, that is to say, small bites.

Quibi Quick Bites

On the platform you will be able to enjoy tv shows and movies for deliveries. In addition, all the contents will have the signature of great actors and directors of Hollywood. By the time, figures of the stature of Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Sam Raimi, Jason Blum, Anna Kendrick, or Jennifer Lawrence, have already confirmed several jobs for Quibi.

One of the first content advertised is “After Dark”, a series directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, which will consist of several short stories that can only be played after midnight, which adds a factor to the interactive platform.

How much does it cost Quibi?

The service has a subscription model divided into two options: a economic planwith advertising included, which costs $ 4.99 monthly and other plan without advertising, which costs $ 7.99 per month. In addition, for all users that register on your website before 20th of April, offers 3 months of free trial.

The platform premiered last April 6 in the united States and, in its first week, has been downloaded 1.7 million times. The platform is not yet available in Spain, as its launch will be first in anglo-saxon countries and will have to wait for its global release.

Quibi content

What content has Quibi?

Each week will arrive new chapters and more titles to the platform, but at the time of its launch, Quibi has 50 titles that you can find the already mentioned “After Dark” and other content such as:

– “Royalty”: A comedy about a duo of composers, Sara, and Pierce, created by Darren Criss.

– “Don’t Look Deeper”: A science fiction drama about a student in his last year of institute, we discover that it is not human.

– “Dummy”: a Comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Donal Logue, which was originally developed as a pilot episode for a traditional chain, about an aspiring writer and your wrist bouncy of her boyfriend.

– “Wolves and Villagers:” A thriller produced by Blumhoyse, with Naomi Watts as the protagonist, and described as “Fatal Attraction 2.0”.

– “50 States of Fear”: An anthology of tales of horror produced by Sam Raimi, each one of the stories is based in a US state

– “Mapleworth Murders”: a Comedy about a mystery writer who aims to resolve a few murders in his hometown.

– “The Fugitive”: Remake of the classic film noir “The Fugitive”, which changes his protagonist, a doctor blamed for the death of his wife, by an ordinary worker, who must demonstrate that is not related to an attack.

In addition, you can find some programs of entertainment, a sort of reality show and documentary. Some chains have confirmed that they will develop entertainment programs for the platform. For example, Telemundo has confirmed that it is developing two shows exclusive to Quibi, a news from a hispanic perspective and the other focused on the world of entertainment.

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