Those who know fashion are not working in pajamas… but so


Do they not happened to you during these days confinement what to wear a jersey cowl neck wonderful or an elegant shirt, while, as expected, their playing partner is not a tube skirt or a pant suit, but a sweatpants and even pajamas? The data of the chain stores Walmart indicate that the sales of shirts and tops are increasing, while the pants… no.

When the tracksuit is a choice in style, the fashion embraces it, but when it is a gesture of laziness... (Imaxtree)
When the tracksuit is a choice in style, the fashion embraces it, but when it is a gesture of laziness… (Imaxtree)

Of course, the ‘new normal’ consistent in wearing t-shirts with sweatpants or pajama is the result of the boom of video-conferencing and meetings through Zoombut those who really love fashion they refuse to have this mix, which in reality takes several seasons, triumphing in the street and on the catwalks thanks to athleisure, to become the maximum at the time of working at home. Marc Jacobs share their looks with their followers while encouraging them to dress as if every day were a feast.

Comments such as, “I was taught to put my handsome is always to go to dinner” are some of the ways through which the designer encourages its followers not to indulge in the irresistible network of the tracksuit. Apparently, when the tracksuit it is a weapon style, when we took it to go to the street because fashion sporty trend, take it is correct, but doing it as a gesture of laziness is, as in your day said Karl Lagerfeldto embrace defeat.

The same think Rita Orathat , among pictures taken before the quarantine in outdoor spaces share other that lodged in the house with a stunning dress boxes The Vali. “In times like these, to get ready on a Monday makes me feel normal,” says the singer. For its part, the signing of the dress share the same image of Rita, pointing to the importance of cleaned up, also during the quarantine.

Anna Dello Russo meets with students of the Institute Marangoni wearing a look of Dries Van Noten and Christian Lacroix consistent in miniskirt polka dot combined with a top of a zebra print, an outfit to match her fun and quirky style.

The influencer Italian Expensive Daur know that the new mix of spring up of the jeans with a white t-shirt, perfect, and ensures that this is still a whole star of the quarantine.

Anna Wintour nor let it fall into the arms of sweatpants and combines their jersey stripes, jeans and his inseparable pair of sunglasses. In short, those who know fashion know that on these dates, it is best to reserve the sweatpants and pajamas to the street and the cowboys to be at home.

But what has come to us the soul is his last look:

Anna Wintour.
Anna Wintour.

Our mornings are better now…