Tom Holland misses her husband and so demonstrates


The incredible friendship between Tom Hollan and Jake Gyllenhaal it is well known by fans of both, because none stops to demonstrate the affection and companionship that unites them, as well as the fun times they have had together.

Recently, Tom Holland invited Jake to join a fun challenge that was made popular during the quarantine, the fact that let us see both of you shirtless while carrying out their mission. This time Tom returns with a new publication where we let you know how much she misses Gyllenhaal, referring to him as her husband.

The actor shared a video through its account of Instagram, where we presented a funny memory with her brother Harry and Jake Gyllenhaal, the three are travelling and to entertain themselves they begin to throw bottles of water trying to fall in the right place.

Harry and Tom do, so the three-show your emotion with cries effusive and fives. Like the rest of the world, this season in quarantine has caused Tom to miss the interaction with other people and the meetings with the people that you most want.

If you start to miss your friends, do like Tom and relive your best memories at your side through the videos and photographs that you have saved, you can also use this opportunity to call or leave a message, remember that the quarantine may separate us physically but it does not delete the links more special.