We’re all in this together: Confirm meeting of HSM after 14 years


Kenny Ortega announced the special meeting of the cast of High School Musical for ABC after Bob Iger was asked that will participate in the “The Disney Family Singalong,” with the protagonists.

“I wanted to find something I could do to participate and it was great to receive the call and inviting me ABC to join” said Ortega’s Deadline.

“It gave Me purpose to get up every morning. I feel very well because we have the opportunity to do something like this: it is a good medicine,” he added.

The event will be streamed this Thursday, April 16 at the point of 20:00 hours, time from the united States and will lead Ryan Seacrest, where actors and artists from the films will participate in the performance with “We are all in this together”.

The participants will be Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman and Lucas Gabriel, while Zac Efron is joined to the last minute addition so they agreed to send a special message.

“We were not able to get to Zac until late, but when we did, he immediately intervened, of course,” said Ortega, “all that we contacted were quick and you will see him in his spirit and in the form in which they are joined from their homes. Recognize that this is an opportunity to strengthen the spirits of those who join us for the transmission.”

Ortega indicated that he feels glad that the song from the film a to the people of the world to not give up before the coronavirus.

“Listening to those words sung, I have sent videos of doctors, assistants, nurses, and professionals with masks and hospital gowns, chanting “we are all in this together” in the corridors”.