Who are the legends of women’s soccer in the world?

The women’s soccer saved him countless stories of oppression and struggle that would be impossible to tell without the women who fought for their passion and their rights for many years.

The league, the contracts and the salaries that now are considered normal, came thanks to the tireless battle that the idols got in and out of the field to open up passing to the new generations; for this reason, despite having hundreds of players to be successful today, it is important to remember those that laid the foundation.

Regardless of the place of where they came from, their age or way of playing, all contributed to the professionalization of football to stop being a dream and became a reality that, in addition to attracting the attention of millions of people, allows the development of girls and women with more goals to fulfill.

Lily Parr – England

He began his journey in football at the age of 14 in the rows of the Dick, Kerr Ladies at the outbreak of the First World War, which led women to take the jobs that the men normally occupied in the factories.

In 828 games with the English club, he scored over a thousand goals from the 3 thousand 500, approximately, which scored the team in its history, according to information from the National Museum of Football in England.

Parr played the first international match of clubs, prior to the ban on women’s soccer that has bedeviled England for 50 years; in addition, he played against boys ‘ teams and said that I had a shot more powerful than any man.

For all he accomplished despite the hardships suffered by women in their times, in 2002, was the first woman who got a place in the Hall of Fame of English Football from the National Museum of Football.

Mia Hamm – United States

Considered the best footballer of all time at the time of his retirement, Mariel Margaret Hamm was born march 17, 1972 in Alabama, united States, and lived the early years of the women’s soccer recognized by FIFA.

During his successful career, the front was a champion in the World championships in China in 1991 and the united States in 1999; in addition, he gained a gold medal in the Olympic Games of Atlanta 1996 and Athens 2004, and silver in Sydney 2000.

He played 275 matches with the team of the bars and the stars in which he scored 158 goals and was recognized as the best player of the FIFA in 2001 and 2002; however, the legacy of Hamm was captured up in the game with the “Mia Hamm Soccer 64”.

In addition to being recognized on multiple occasions by several international organizations, Hamm was the first woman to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, Pachuca and joined with the generation of 2013.

Birgit Prinz – Germany

The German was recognised by the FIFA as the Best Player Female of the Year in 2003, 2004 and 2005, in addition to being eight times the Best Player of the German Year of the German Federation of Football.

His extensive track record has given him the distinction of the country as the best footballer in German history, because with two different clubs won nine titles of Bundesliga, 10, German Cup and three Champions League; he also had a short step with the Courage of Carolina, and was crowned in the american league.

Its success also spread to the national team, which won championships in the World Cup Usa 2003 and China 2007; in addition, on the podium of the Olympic Games with the bronze in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

After receiving awards such as the Ball and the Golden Boot at the World cup of 2003, he hung up the boots in 2011, unfortunately, was not able to say farewell with another championship and left a sour taste with his performance in the World Cup in the same year.

Marta – Brazil

Marta Viera da Silva is a brazilian footballer most successful in history and has won virtually everything during his career, with the exception of a World cup with the national team.

Had a step by Sweden, a country in which he won seven times the championship local, two Cups and four super cups with different teams; with the Umea IK, crowned on two occasions in the Champions League.

Subsequently, twice won the Women’s Professional Soccer in the united States and was recognized as the Player most Valuable to received the Golden Boot; and if outside little, in the ranks of the Santos of Brazil won a League title and the Copa Libertadores in 2009.

With the verdeamarela, Marta won two gold pan american editions of Santo Domingo 2003 and Rio de Janeiro 2007, he won three times the Copa America and gold medals in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

The “Brazilian Gold” has been awarded with the Best Player of the Year by FIFA on six occasions (2006-2010 and 2018) and the award for The Best 2018; in addition, it is the top goalscorer in the history of the World, whether women’s or men’s, with 17 targets, over germans Birgit Prinz and Miroslav Klose.

Sun Wen – China

Sun Wen was recognized by FIFA as the Best Player of the TWENTIETH Century along with american Michelle Akers, and then in 1999 was the top goalscorer of the World united States with seven touchdowns.

In addition to the runner-up position in that World Cup, Wen presumed to be the top goalscorer for his national team, recorded 106 annotations in 152 games played.

Maribel Dominguez – Mexico

Because in Mexico there was a professional league, debuted in 2002 with the Kansas City Mystics of the united States, in his first season scored 17 goals and was chosen MVP of the tournament.

The next year he was runner-up with the Atlanta Beat; however ,shortly after the championship was disbanded and had to return to concentrate with the national team of Mexico for the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

After helping the selection to qualify for the olympic fair, the Celaya men sought their services, and although the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) gave the green light, the FIFA didn’t allow it, to argue that the barriers between soccer boys and girls have to be well marked.

With great expectations, “Marigol” he signed with Barcelona in 2005 and made his debut with a hat-trick before the Torrejon; although he was a key piece for the Catalan team remain in the First Division, his contract ended in 2006 and he signed with the Euromat’estartit of the Second Division of Spain, there was also champion, ascended and got 22 entries.

Dominguez is one of the main figures of the football aztec, since that is the player with more matches played in the Tri and the most goals has scored; in addition to being an example to follow for girls, is currently working close to them as an ambassador for the academy women’s cup in Mexico.

Abby Wambach – United States

With 170 goals, Wambach is the top goalscorer of selections americans, even when taking into account the male ones, record that he took his compatriot Mia Hamm.

In 2011, she worked as a model and coach of team Washington Freedom of the National League, and received the title of athlete of the year on six occasions.

He played three World cups during his career and in 2012 won the Ball of Gold; and if outside little, the goal he scored in Brazil in the quarter-final of Germany 2011, he was listed as the best in the history of the world’s women.

The legacy of Abby goes well beyond the numbers and the awards, because that was a fundamental part in the transition of Team USA that opened the door for stars such as Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath and Carli Lloyd, who lead the team to the world’s most powerful and are on track to be the next generation of legends.

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