Who is the mysterious voice that included Halsey in his song ‘3am’?


Who would believe that a voice would be the cause of so much mystery? And is that fans of Halsey fail to decipher who is the mysterious voice behind the song ‘3am’, which is part of their new album titled Manic.


For all those fans interested in knowing a little more of this mysterious voice… the secret has been unveiled. This is John Mayer, and the clarification came with a sweet message from the official Twitter account of the interpreter of 25 years.


“He predicted that I would be successful before I had faith in myself”, he wrote on the voice message, where you will hear Mayer praising: “Your best song is the song that is currently on the radio. How many people can say that? That their best song was the one that is currently about to be a massive success. It is already a success” is what you hear.

“It will only become more massive. How many people can say? Not very many Congratulations! “concludes Mayer, by way of consolation, given that your music track ‘3am’ details the insecurities that had Halsey after a night of drinks.

On the simple, the ex-girlfriend of Evan Peters added: “After a night in which I came home and called all of my contacts because I was dying to talk with literally anyone, to not have to sit with my own thoughts”, he explained. “I realized ‘hmm … this is … wrong,’ and I wrote a song about that!”, said on the subject.

Who is Halsey?
Halsey is a singer and composer. In 2014, she signed her first recording contract with Astralwerks, and released her debut EP, ‘Room 93’. A year after came his first studio album ‘Badlands’. In January 2020, released its third studio album entitled ‘Maniac’, which emit songs like ‘Withou me’, ‘Clementine’ and ‘Finally // Beautiful stranger’. His professional name is a reference to the station, Halsey Street, of the New York City Subway, in Brooklyn, as well as an anagram of her first name, Ashley.