Will Smith speaks with DJ Jazzy Jeff, recovering from a suspected coronavirus


Will Smith Received a phone call from fear of her friend and collaborator, musical DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lynette, who had him quite worried, and it seems that he might have had reasons to worry.

“That was scary because Lynette did not go into a panic and called me with the vibrations of panic,” said Will to Jeff in his new series of Snapchat “Will From Home. “so I called immediately to D-Nice to see if he would be available. I said, not my DJ!”

D-Nice has been entertaining a world under orders to stay at home with shows and clubs online through Instagram Live, including Rihanna and Drake among his fans superstar. Oh, and apparently the Prince is Cool too!

Jeff laughed to see how sincerely Will joked that I was going to replace it, but what I was trying was not to laugh.

“I returned home from my trip. I thought, ‘I feel like I’m coming down with something’ and I got in bed, and I don’t remember the next ten days,” Jeff said to a shocked Will.

“I had a temperature that reached 103. I had the chills. I lost the sense of smell. I lost the sense of taste,” continued Jeff, that details some of the classic symptoms of COVID-19. And, however, said that he could not take the test, a familiar refrain of people across the country despite claims that the tests are increasingly available.

“I did a test for flu,” he said. “And when I went and I did a chest x-ray, she came in and said, ‘you Have pneumonia in both lungs’”.

While I never was able to confirm that he had been the victim of the new pandemic coronavirus which swept the world, it was not for lack of trying. And Jeff feels pretty sure that what I was and currently is recovering.

He also believes that we are not so close to the other side as many might think or expect, and tells will: “Unfortunately, people think that we are at the end [of the pandemic]and I think that we’re really at the beginning. “

Jeff was clearly grateful for his life on Monday when she shared a message with his followers on Instagram. Sympathized with the boredom that was affecting a lot of people, but also urged them to “be thankful that you are here … I appreciate what you’ve got … You’ve got more than a lot of people!”

Then he concluded by telling them “you take your ass to the house!”

On Wednesday, Jeff shared an updated version of their classic shook hands with Will of their days together on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, calling it the “issue of social distancing”, which you can learn below. It is quite simple, although we recommend incorporating the new soundtrack of Jeff to the practice for it to really sing: