With the presence of Mauricio Macri, Together for Change met again and reiterated the request for hearing to Alberto Fernandez


With the presence of Mauricio Macri, We met again and reiterated the order of meeting Alberto Fernández Credit: Together for Change

The National round Table Together for Change, with the presence of former president Mauricio Macri met today to assess

the follow-up to the crisis of the pandemic Covid-19

in the country and its growing economic and social consequences.

The referents of Change emphasized its “responsibility as a coalition opposition in front of the serious health situation,” and for this reason they proposed a plan which, as indicated, to ensure both the care of the health of the argentines as the current economic situation .

As reported, the meeting by video conference came three main ideas: to reaffirm the responsibility of the Together for Change coalition opposition and to reiterate, in consequence of the order of the meeting to Alberto Fernandez; claim for the care of the republic and the full functioning of its three powers; and to warn about the deterioration of the productive fabric of the country and of the lives of millions of professionals, workers, self-employed, monotributistas traders and small businesses.

In addition, the coalition reiterated a request for hearing to the President and suggested him to create a dialogue table, Together for Change, together with the sectors of the world of work and productive.

The deputy belonging to the Civic Coalition ARI Maximiliano Ferraro, who was present in the virtual meeting, said: “Any pandemic or state of emergency can suspend the republic and the functioning of the powers of the State”. In addition, he insisted that the legislators of his party are willing to spend. “The virtual, if so resolved, must be exceptional. You could also sit in a wider place that allows the distance of 1.5 meters”, he added.

From Together for Change concluded: “we Want to bring the proposals that we have already presented in the Congress with the purpose of alleviating the situation of these sectors”.

This is the first time that Macri meets with the top leaders of Together for Change after leaving the presidency.