6 discs of 2020 that you must listen


Do you want to escape with us, even if it is for a while? We present six discs of 2020 to which, perhaps, would not have given play.

And is that even in the best of times, many are in the music, the perfect escape. Therefore, as the planet is going to face different challenges such as the coronavirus — including having to stay home for the good of others — it has become indispensable to develop a playlist that allows us to overcome the social isolation. A good disc is capable of carrying you to places that you’d rather be, albergarte in worlds pacified, or to be the occasion of give yourself to the bliss of the moment. You can also set binds exercise session home, tokens of affection under the sheets, or to transform the morning in a pump motivational. And, perhaps most important, to open a parenthesis in the minds of those who don’t get dislodged from the thread of news.

1. Colors of J Balvin

If you want to splash your home with splashes of sun, your best option is to fill it with the rattling bass of the album Colors the colombian J Balvin, in which each of the 10 tracks goes by the name a different shade, from grey to pink. This is the sixth solo album from the singer of 34 years, who was one of the artists most sought after in Shazam in 2019 and the fifth a male artist most popular of Spotify with 54 million followers monthly. With a duration of just 30 minutes, is also the soundtrack perfect for exercise. Very highly recommended.

2. After Hours The Weeknd

If you are looking for more well solazarte to escape, then why don’t you venture into the mind of the canadian The Weeknd – born Abel Tesfaye – in an excursion of 50 minutes. For his fourth studio album the singer of 30 years lurking has given with one of the disks in 2020 to listen to, with a series of songs that flit between pleas for forgiveness (“Alone Again”) and his approach is more usual in topics like drugs and sex with a another complaint about… drugs and sex (“Heartless”, “Escape From LA”). Musically, along with her signature R&B tristón, Tesfaye test with pop eighties delusional (“Blinding Lights”, or the “In Your Eyes” – flavored saxophone) with dyes of garage british (“Too Late”), and with a sort of experimentation with synthesizers on “Save Your Tear’s as had not been heard since 1984 on the soundtrack to “The neverending story”.

3. Miss Anthropocene Grimes

© Mac Boucher and Neil Hansen

In this haunting simulacrum of the “real” world of Grimes, released last month, February of February, the canadian 32-year antropomorfiza in “Miss Anthropocene” the nightmare in the life of climate change. Without a doubt, this is the time of probing the whole of the vastness of their message. But even leaving aside his dimension reflective, this album is an intoxicating trip through the variables of pop, from the pain of songs like “Darkseid” and “Delete Forever” (on those victims of the crisis of opioids) until the wink Bollywood-cyberpunk archiproducido of “4ÆM”.

4. Suga Megan Thee Stallion

Suga Megan Thee Stallion

© Courtesy

The rapper texan of 25 years, Megan Thee Stallion is appropriate to the summer of 2019 with his single, “Hot Girl Summer”, in which he collaborates with Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj. Simply, sounded by all parties, which led her to become part of the list “Time 100 Next” and signed a contract of representation with Roc Nation. Coming in 2020, not weakened pulse, with a collaboration with the singer Normani, a cover for Rolling Stone magazine and the release of the EP “Suga”. The count with the participation in the production legends such as Timbaland and The Neptunes, is perhaps the best soundtrack for those looking to explore with delight to stay forever in bed. It also has times more sensitive, as when the rapper reflects on the deaths of 2019, the year in which died his mother and grandmother in the same month.

3. Cape God of Allie X

The singer-songwriter canadian indie pop, Allie X (Alexandra Hughes, a 34-year-old) build that class of universes musical that seems to stay for hours. His second studio album, “Cape God”, is a slightly odd, village of the lost souls and people struggling to fit in the world, with songs like”Sarah, come Home”, “June Gloom”and “Fresh Laundry”. The electropop Goldfrappesco “Super Duper Party People” and the superb melancholy of “Life Of The Party” could well be the perfect soundtrack for all of our future detachments social, exclusive meetings by FaceTime – bizarrely decadent, but with hints of bewildering sadness.

6. Eternal Atake Lil Uzi Vert

After years of giving to be desired and unexplained delays (resulting in the rapper of Philadelphia announced his retirement on more than one occasion), the second and dizzying album of Lil Uzi Vert, Eternal Atake, otherwise meets all the expectations. Divided into three sections, in the likeness of his three avatars (Lil Uzi Vert, Baby Pluto and Renji), is a demonstration of the explosive flow the singer of 25 years (in particular in the major POP) and of the infinite possibilities of hip-hop.

Each of its 18 tracks – the length is perfect to escape the world – comes adorned with a kind of affectation sound very effective, since the arrangements of piano cascade that plagues “Silly Watch” the effects of video game that straighten “You Better Move”. If you became hungry, you have nothing to fear since a week after its release, in early march, the rapper finished off with a new version of the album, with 14 new songs.