A marathon of Adam Sandler to pass the quarantine


Some artists are a guarantee of entertainment, although for a moment, rubbing the light. Adam Sandler is one of them, with hundreds of thousands of fans in the world. For those who enjoy their performances, on Sunday 19th there will be a marathon of his films, for Warner Channel.

The films that can be seen are: The best of my weddings, Click, don’t mess with Zohan, A wife of lie and As if for the first time, starting at 14.15, all the way through.

The best of my wedding it is a romantic comedy starring him and Drew Barrymore. Robbie Hart (Sandler) is a composer frustrated that she works as a singer at weddings. In a night of work meets Julia (Barrymore), a beautiful waitress that he has not done very well on his first day of work. They both have something in common and that is they are about to get married. But fate holds for them a romantic approach when Linda (Angela Featherstone), the bride of Robbie, leaves him at the altar, while Julia uncovers the deceptive personality of your boyfriend.

Then follows Click. What if you could have a universal remote control that will control everything around you? That is the premise of this comedy, in which Sandler plays Michael Newman, a workaholic looking for a well-deserved promotion, and I would like to minimize the amount of time dedicated to small “distractions”, as he calls his wife and his children. When an eccentric seller offers a remote control, magic, Michael believes that he has found the solution to your problem. But as mutes, skips and go in fast mode the small things irritating life, the remote control takes over the situation and begins to program it to him.

“Click,” Adam Sandler and a remote control that goes awry.

The special continues with Don’t mess with Zohan. The protagonist is a skilled agent, anti-terrorism of the israeli army, who left behind his dangerous life and travels to Manhattan to fulfill her dream: becoming a hairdresser. This competent agent, who used to catch the bad guys, he wants to prove it can be an excellent stylist. All is going well until a cab driver, a palestinian discovers. Now, the Zohan must fight to have a new life in new York.

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The marathon continues with As if for the first time. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunite in the fiction, and the chemistry between them is note. The marine biologist Henry Roth divides his time between the animals of an aquarium in Hawaii, while living the romance short with tourists. Your sentimental life you do not know the commitment, less now that he is reaching his dream of traveling to Alaska to study the behavior of the walruses. But when he finds Lucy, a beautiful young woman that every night you lose the memory and it dawns without memories, your life changes completely. Now you must conquer each day as if it were the first.

“As if it were the first time”. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, the romantic couple.

To finish, comes A wife of lie. Danny is a successful plastic surgeon who lies constantly to conquer women. But this becomes a big problem when you know the woman of his life. To cover their lies, and near to it, Danny asks his loyal assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston, and his sons who pretend to be his family. When unleashed more lies, they travel together to Hawaii, where they will live for a weekend of crazy and unusual.

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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler sharing cast in “A wife of lie”.