Ale aspires to be the next Shakira


Although not born in Barranquilla, but in Cucaramanga, Colombia, to the recorder of Gossip came to talk with her, and for many, the singer pop-up Ale has a certain resemblance to his compatriot Shakira, and does not rule out that in the future that will become the successor of the interpreter of “Anthology”.


“It’s all an example to follow (Shakira), and of course, my dream is to be their heights, but I am aware that a great career depends on a good start,” says this teenager, in reference to his budding career, who wants to boost in Latin america with the promotion of her single “Kiss you again”.

The subject (and the girl) have their story. Its predecessor is “I Want”, which, thanks to the power of social networks and to his great talent and managed to conquer the heart of a group called Pasabordo, whom he admires since he was very small.

Ale decided to record a video singing that song, great success of the grouping. His talent did not go unnoticed before this and so was born the opportunity to travel to the city of Medellin, writing and recording the song “Kiss you again”.

“It’s a dream fulfilled (theme) my big debut and the start of a professional career as an artist. It is the opportunity to conquer the heart of those who want to discover my music,” mentions the performer.

The young man explains that this melody is a true story that tells the situation that he had to live with herself when she for the first time experienced love. “It was not too long ago,” he says, laughing nervously. “In addition to giving me experiences in the sentimental, it allowed me to get close to the tips of my dads, so disdained in these times we are going through young people”.

“It was very nice to discover the love and (exploit) the chemistry that you have with the person you love and you’re entitled to it. But also what it was like to find my parents the best counselors and understand that they already went through those situations and that, despite the fact that does not seem like it, what matters most to them is your well-being,” he adds, inviting the young people to take advantage of every opportunity of closeness they have with their parents.

Ale, that for all his talk brought the term “cool” (cool in Colombia and Venezuela; chido and father here in Mexico) is declared outside of crazy in these moments, due to the situation that the whole world knows.

But in spite of his young age and his youth take things with much philosophy, on the grounds that “everything happens for something, and in the best of cases, this isolation from the outside it will enable everyone to “internalize” and get closer to their loved ones, that will come forth during the contingency, by very far away who are in physical or moral.

Without ruling out an early visit to mexican lands, she takes the time honing their skills as an artist, singer, songwriter and dancer, formed integrally in everything that you can. Plays the piano (it does so from a very early age) and continues to refine his voice to achieve a mastery of their technique of interpretation in order to fulfill his dream and, one day, not too far, the entertainment for the half time of the Super Bowl, as did his compatriot in the past month of February.

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