Alex Morgan, scorer of the USA, signed the unprecedented contract post-partum with your primary sponsor


The player, one of the figure of the selected champion of the World France 2019, it will be the first athlete in enforcing this policy to the athletic gear companyafter that other athletes reported reductions in their wages or contracts for maternity.

“My contract with Nike ended and we just re-sign for a long period and they support me a lot”, told Morgan in an interview with Glamour magazine.


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Alex Morgan, who expects her first child with Servando Carrasco (mexican footballer who plays for The los Angeles Galaxy), continues to train with weights and exercises with ball even though he is about to give birth, and it shows by their social networks.

The american, 30 years old, who planned their pregnancy between the World cup 2019 and the Olympic Games, you expect to get better at Tokyo 2020 now that were postponed by a year.

“The decision of postponing the Games is the correct one. I tried to see it more from the perspective of the computer, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that is causing the coronavirus, in addition to trying to get back into shape in so short a time”, pointed out Morgan.

To those who questioned for wanting to return to football, Alex Morgan replied: “Our bodies are amazing, is that the world is not really ready for women to thrive. I was tired of the discussions absurdities of ‘will you be able to be a mother and at the same time to stay on top?’. Form a family I don’t slows down. I have the strength enough to be able to come back.”

“I want to be open about my journey because I want women to feel that they have to choose one or the other. How many more female athletes are mothers in their career, the better, since the athlete Allyson Felix up to the tennis player Serena Williams and my teammate Sydney Leroux. The more challenged the system, the more it will change,” concluded the footballer of Orlando Pride.