Alex Morgan trains with pregnancy


An icon of the women’s soccer world and one of the players most important to the united States, today dedicated to the arrival of your baby.

16 Apr 2020 11:49By:

LET’S ALL MACHINE!Alex Morgan is one of the mejroes players in the world; in addition, it is a living proof that pregnancy is not an obstacle to keep doing exercise and even play football. During its period of gestation has published several videos that have generated admiration among his followers in social networks.

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Morgan is seen in a sports center in Walnut Creek, California working control and punch of the ball as in his best times. Your company, your girl in gestation. The pictures say it all.

After she posted a video in his garage working with his tools and as taking care of your baby in full quarantine. An exemplary mother, to follow their actions and give faith that in pregnancy, women are not limited and have different options to take care of your health and have fun.

Alex Morgan has a showcase full of trophies more important. A League and a Cup in the united States. A league trophy and another cup in France. A winner of the Champions Leagueawarded a gold medal in the London 2012 Olympic games, two times campeona of the world and various tournaments, european and local of united States. Do you dare to follow your example?