All of a star! Natti Natasha manages to impose an incredible brand that few artists have done

Few people would have imagined that Natti Natasha achieved a record that causes it to be to the same height of other artists of the likes of Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber, but this is what happened and what is celebrated in a big way.

The singer dominican reached the 2 billion views with his music video for “Criminal” on YouTube, which became one of the most listened to in the past year where they ended up establishing it as a star.

With this landmark musical the songwriter of 33 years achieves the same thing that people like Sheera, Bieber or Daddy Yankee have managed, on numerous occasions, those who are considered leaders of the industry today.

The interpreter “Who Knows,” premiered a video on the topic that you recorded with Ozuna two years ago, and since then it is the production of gender urban most listened-to on YouTube.

“The video directed by @nunodirector and a collaboration with @ozuna remains in the charts for 87 weeks,” said Natti Natasha in a statement published on their social networks.

With this mark confirms the position of the reguetonera as one of the voices most influential in hispanic music today.

The celebrity uploaded a video where he celebrates being the first woman in the genre urban in achieving that mark, which makes it one of the main voices of the music today.

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