Amazing! The before and after Jaden Smith that is a Concern for all!


Jaden Smith, she rose to fame from a very young age, not only for being the son of Will Smith but because since childhood, he dabbled in the action to participate with his father in the film “In search of happiness”.

Despite appearing in other tapes, the actor he had his first leading role in 2010 with only 11 years, when she performed “Dre Parker” in the new version of Karate Kid.

From a very young age, the artist demonstrated that also had a talent for singing and even for the dancing, being involved in multiple presentations of his friend Justin Bieber.

The dancer it has always proven to have a lot of personalities and an own style that has been defended to the hilt, and his father has always respected his tastes without causing criticism.

In 2012, Jaden took the decision to put aside the acting and devote himself fully to the music which was his other passion, for this reason, he began to release his own songs.

However, with this decision, the artist he began to dress in a very extravagant, and his physical appearance decayed up to look very thin, many of his followers came to comment: “Poor guy, what happened”, “it Looks like a zombie”, “Looks sick”, “For a moment I didn’t know who he was, what happened to this guy”.

The gaunt appearance of Jaden Smith has worried many fans, however, this 2020 seems to be heading up his life again showing a better aspect in the networks.