Amy Schumer has legally changed the name of his son of 11 months



The comedian Amy Schumer has taken less than a year in weary of the name that you chose for your first shoot with her husband Chris Fischer and has decided to change it legally. In reality, what has made thinking in your little to save to be a victim of an endless stream of comments mocking in the future.

The mother of the actress was the first who warned him that the combination of the first and the second name that had been given to her baby, Gene Attell, gave rise to a set of words that are very concrete that will certainly complicate the life as soon as I reached the school.

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“At first it was Gene Attell Fischer, but we’ve noticed that, without intending it, we named our son ‘genital’,” he revealed it on his podcast “”Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith’.

“When my mother told me it said, did not give credit. I said, ‘what are you talking about? It is not true’. But in the end it turned out that was right.”

At least Amy and Chris have learned a valuable lesson and next time will be studied from all angles of the options that arise to baptize her next child. The marriage is trying to give him a little brother or sister to Gene and she has been very open about the procedure of fertilization of invitro to which you are submitting to get pregnant again.