Arcade Fire is working on a new album


Photo: Facebook of Arcade Fire

These weeks of quarantine because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have sponsored some artists devote themselves to work on their studies: Win Butler, the leader of Arcade Fireconfirms from his Instagram that he has been creating new compositions.

During the eve of his 40th birthday, Butler announced yesterday from Instagram he and his wife Régine Chassagne (also a member of AF) “have been writing during these years.” Also revealed that his band already had “several months recording new material” before the expansion of the current pandemic. On that subject, noted:

“We had been exploring many topics and lyrical music that they feel almost eerily related to what is happening now (in reality we have a song called ‘Age of Anxiety’ written a year ago by the love of God, ja, ja).”

Later, he referred to his creative process in a very positive way: “you don’t need to clarify that the writing has intensified, and the work is flowing… it Is a challenge as always, and with the same purpose.” In addition, Butler hinted that there is the possibility that Arcade Fire share part of the material, by means of a live broadcast during one day. However, he warned that the new music, nor will it immediately: “When you listen to the music that comes (eventually… there will be soon… if you dont have patience at this point, definitely you are not reading this), you’ll know what we were working on quarantine.”

Finally, the canadian artist said that he is aware of that this health crisis without a doubt is affected to the music industry in a negative way, on an economic level, but also showed some optimism by focusing on the spiritual aspect of that discipline: “I Think that will strengthen the music as a form of art. He had never been more essential, spiritual and irreplaceable… a church that rises in the air between the source and your ears.”

It is worth remembering that the most recent album from Arcade Fire, Everything Now, was published in 2017.

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