As you read it! Warner plans to include Harry Potter in one of the sequels of ‘Fantastic beasts’


The emotion invades us, because according to sources close to the site We Got this Covered, has transcended that Warner Bros. want Daniel Radcliffe a repeat of his role of Harry Potter in one of the sequels of Fantastic Animals. That is, the plan would be that their return takes place in the fifth and last movie of the series, in that there would be a flash-forward that shows it to Harry as an adult having a conversation with Newt.

Clear that this would happen depends on several factors: first, that the new delivery of Fantastic Beasts 3 have enough success as to their following; and second that Radcliffe accept the proposal, which according to overcome Warner will offer a number massive, by a participation of not very extensive that it would cause a real revolution.

While Eddie Redmayne (our beloved Newt Scamander), has a positive image, socially speaking; we have other protagonists of the saga that come along the way of the scandal, as Johnny Depp (Grindelwald) that is involved in a legal fight and media with his ex-wife Amber Heard; and Ezra Miller (Credence) that has become the center of criticisms after that goes viral a video that shows him choking a fan. How come then our child of the magic wand has to bring a little light to the franchise?

(Cover photo: Warner. Bros)