Before and after Jaden Smith, Karate Kid, to rapper deplorable aspect


Jaden Smith has known fame since childhood, not only for being the son of the famous actor Will Smithbut because since childhood, he dabbled in acting, first with his father in the touching film ‘In search of happiness’ in 2006 and years later it reached public recognition in the Karate Kid in 2010, with just 11 years of age.

Since adolescence has been shown to be a guy that has a lot of personality and a unique style, which he defends to the hilt. In those years, it was common to see him with numerous braids throughout the hair and loose fitting clothes.

The amazing before and after Jaden Smith

With their dads, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has a nice relationship as well as with her younger sister Willow, who has also dabbled in music, modeling and acting.

It was from 2012 that Jaden Smith began to release his own songs and experiments in the rap, deciding that it was more of a hobby and it was one of his passions besides acting.

Of course, she has always had the family support in any project that he has undertaken, and also that of their friends, singers like Justin Bieber.

The unexpected change of Jaden Smith

In recent years, the young artist today of 21 years, she has worried to all their fans because they have been witnesses to the gradual deterioration of the appearance of Jaden Smith. The restless child and lozano there is nothing left today.

Now it looks much slimmer than ever before, and in addition, her hair long and in braids disappeared, to give way to his head shaved and dyed colors. Apparently, their thinness should be an extreme vegan diet that you are following the artist according to the portal Mirror.

Their manner of dress was much more extravagant and parties with friends, much more intense.

“Poor guy, what happened”, “it Looks like a zombie”, “Looks sick”, “For a moment I didn’t know who he was, what happened to this guy”, were the comments to see this photo of Jaden shared in December 2019 by Justin Bieber.

Fortunately, this 2020 seems that Jaden Smith is encarrilando his life since he showed a better appearance in a selfie that was published on February 14th, to support the release of the album of his best friend Justin Bieber.