Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: to 20 years of their break up had a funny reconciliation virtual


After 20 years of their break-up, the singers had an exchange virtual mode of reconciliation Credit: File

Britney Spears


Justin Timberlake

had a great time in the history of pop in the early 2000. The singers were

bride and groom

between 1999 and 2002: their break up was very far from being peaceful, since they were involved in rumors of infidelities, marketing, power struggle in the music industry and the media exposure.

Both Spears as Timberlake exceeded the time of their lives, they had other couples and formed each one of your family. That’s why it turned out a surprise this recent

reconciliation virtual


Almost two decades after its last approach and

in a gesture unique and eye-catching for your followers, the singer shared a video on his Instagram, where she dances to a song of your former spouse, and left him a message very particular.

In the images Spears dances and hums along to the song “Filthy”, launched by Timberlake a couple of years ago. In the caption the singer wrote: “This is my version of



or whatever modern that they are using these days. As you can see, I’m not dancing at all, I’m just very boring”. And then he added a message that surprised everyone: “PD:

I know that we had one of the separations most commented in the world 20 years ago… but this man is a genius! A brilliant song, JT”


The words of the singer were all the rage in social networks and generated a rain of comments: more than 18,000 posts in just 12 hours. “This is my publication favorite of all you’ve done”; “peace came to the pop”; “Now we challenge Justin Timberlake to a dance with a theme of yours”; they were some of the words that left his followers.

The gesture of

reconciliation virtual

reached another level when the own Timberlake sealed the peace commenting on the publication of the interpreter with various


: a face crying of laughter and a few hands in the air to symbolize a praise.

Remember that Spears was opening for

N Sync

the group that led Timberlake to a year before their break up. They were always connected musically and knew each other since childhood, since the two were child stars of


. Thus, their relationship became an icon, and even had a fan club as a couple. But the dream was shattered in April of 2002, when the us media confirmed the rupture by an alleged infidelity of the singer with one of his dancers, for something that never came to be confirmed.