Celebrities who have managed to look identical to Selena Quintanilla: JLo, Kim Kardashian and more


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Selena Quintanilla, it is one of the singers Latina most emblematic. His talent and his iconic costumes marked tendency up to now, the women follow, taking as reference the hour of dressing.

Many famous have paid tribute to the “Queen of Tex-Mex” to be characterized as it, and the result is surprising since the resemblance to the singer is very similar.

Jennifer Lopez is one of them, it seems you are as like as two drops of water, for this reason, it was chosen to give life to Quintanilla on her biopic, 1997.

Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and America Ferrera also have worn the iconic costume purple Selena to dress up in Halloween parties.

Christian Serratos, Nicole Williams, Maya Zapata and Victoria “La mala” Ortiz there are other celebrities that have proven that between them and Selena there is a great similarity.

Take a look at all the details in the video and check to see that they look identical.

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