Celia Lora in bra flirts with fans to Instagram


The famous model, Celia Lora, known for being the daughter of rocker Alex Lora and more recently for participating in Acapulco Shore, climbed up a photo on his Instagram official is wearing only a bra and flirting with their fans down one of his straps.

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The beautiful young woman performs photo sessions regularly to generate content for your followers.

On this occasion we were able to watch Lora in a photo super flirty, where he showed his great chest, one of his attributes that keeps your followers engaged in your official account of Instagram, because it is customary to treat them well.

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It is one of their latest publications, with a photo that note was very well worked by a photographer, because it has a black background very interesting and a few tweaks of exposure to very fine, which can reveal what it is a quality production.

This photo could be part of their exclusive content, where Celia promises what you’ll find snapshots and videos without censorship, and has even announced several times that you can get a personalized greeting or a personalized video.

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Despite being at home taking care of you, trying to avoid the contagion, the model can’t stop producing content, because for her, it is important to give him something with which to entertain and delight your pupils to those who want it and continue.

Celia Lora has also affected a lot of the not being able to get out of the house, since she used to travel to exotic places to take photos, something that reduce the possibilities in these moments, as the greater part of their new snapshots are inside the house and has already published many of them, that is exhausting his material and avece to recycling.

In spite of this his followers will not complain and enjoy its beauty, taking your publication to more than 87 thousand likes, which by the way could have so many comments of love, but as we know you prefer to keep the box closed to prevent harassment and attacks, since that has gone wrong with that topic in the past.