Christopher Reeve costume from Superman Henry Cavill


Christopher Reeve it will be forever and ever and ever Superman. The Man of Steel you can have other faces, other bodies, other costumes and other voices, but in the collective imaginary Christopher Reeve will always be Superman. Because the actor, who died in October 2004 after a long spinal cord injury, embodied to Clark Kent inside and outside of the screen, and his legacy remains iconic.

That’s why, 16 years after Christopher Reeve left The Earth to return to Krypton, the digital artist Zeroknown in the social networks to be one of the biggest fans of Marvel, we wanted to pay homage and dress with the suit a more modern Supermanin this case the one that wore Henry Cavill in ‘Man of Steel’.

In the picture, we can see the mighty body of Henry Cavill with the face of Christopher Reeve and the Daily Planet being destroyed in the background in a dark atmosphere and gloomy where stands the red cape of Superman and its ‘S’ on the chest.

The first time Christopher Reeve wore the hero was to ‘Superman’ (1978), Richard Donner, who chose it for his incredible resemblance to Clark Kent from the comics, its excellent needs (he was a professional swimmer and was 1,93 m), and his charisma. The tape was a total success at the box office and become a world star Christopher Reeve, who rolled other three sequels of the saga: ‘Superman II’in 1980, ‘Superman III’in 1983, and ‘Superman IV’in 1987 , the least successful of the series.