Cinema Planet: The film festival is more alive than ever, and so you can participate – movie News


Find out how you can support the initiative mexican film that promotes the protection of the environment.

During these days, many news stories revolve around the epidemic of the coronavirus, regardless of the editorial line of the media. Between the pandemic the film has been attacked on all fronts: productions in pause, premieres delayed, festivals nacinoales and international cancelled. Mexico has not been exempt from the effect COVID-19 and, on this occasion, is the festival of environmental cinema of our country that has been forced to cope with the crisis: Cinema Planet-

“We cannot say as a festival that was postponed because of what happens [la epidemia] you are not going to postpone, will follow his path and had to adapt,” he said in an interview that we had Eleonora Isunza, co-director of Cinema Planeta, also known as the International Festival of Cinema and Environment of Mexico, the initiative film surfeará the wave of the epidemic and migrated to the online.

Through or the user will have access to movies, short films and documentaries on environment, as well as to conference with people dedicated to the research and environmental defense. More than a service streaming, Eleonora has been described as a interactive website that will invite the user to take actions with respect to the crisis we are going through in the present, but above all to understand it.

Transporting a festival relatively large (he made a tour of the Mexican Republic) is not an easy thing, but Eleonora and the team of Cinema Planet had already contemplated the idea for years: “last year we were with Greta [Thunberg] in the COP25 of Madrid. The effect Greta is doing that all talk about environmental issues from the consciousness…”

It was clear to Me that the next step of Cinema Planet was the action […] and the only way to do that was to become a platform precisely to encourage action.

Eleonora and her team began to develop the migration plan two years ago and the ideal thing was that the site was ready for the 2021, but global catastrophes do not expect, and this came as a surprise to Cinema Planet, making them speed up processes: “now we’re sleeping three hours a day, every day, but worth the time”jokes on the phone the co-director.

The festival no longer plans to release the online never, from this moment it shall be open to the platform with the best titles that have been showcased in Cinema Planet, in addition to interactive actions for users depending on the season (holidays, holy week, months of festivals, etc.) of the year. However, the web site will be complemented with the festival, face-to-facebecause as soon as life gets back to normal, Eleonora and her team want to go back to make green carpets, conferences, face-to-face and activities with awareness, aimed at the little ones.


An entity that is neither alive nor dead has managed to isolate ourselves. Our life is on pause, and the production of the film also. However, Eleonora sees these moments as something positive. When asked if this crisis can resignify the film, modify it, damage it, or affect it in any way, the co-director of Cinema Planeta does not think his response: “It’s going to affect a lot, but in the positive. Out there they say that leisure is the mother of all the virtues. When you have time to stop for a moment and get to thinking, you start to create. These times are going to come out thousands of documentaries, reflections, shorts and a lot of things.”

Gives examples and mentions the initiative that the mexican actor, Luis Gerardo Méndez, recently announced in its profile of Instagram along with Gaz Alazraki (director with whom he has collaborated on Club of Crows, and We the Nobles) an initiative in which they urge the population to write a story during this closure, the best of them will be brought to the big screen and exhibited in Cinepolis.

Eleonora remains optimistic in face of the new challenges and invites the population to jump on the boat of Cinema Planet that offers, for its first edition online, new content every week. The first week will be exclusively for the film material; then start the actions, and the next, the talks with the scientists, repeating this pattern until the closing of the festival. Cinema Planet will be held from April 22 to June 5.