Coronavirus: Evo Morales says that China “won the Third World War without firing”


The former president of Bolivia, spoke of a “biological warfare and”economic Source: THE NATION – Credit: Fernando Massobrio


Exiled from Bolivia




a refugee in Argentina

since December, after reporting in elections that were denounced by fraudulent,

the president Evo Morales

he returned to attack the current




for your response to the


and also said that what happens in the world is no more than a

war between powers.

“I feel that China won the Third World War

without shoot, not a gun. All now heading to China to purchase accessories, supplies, equipment, biosecurity,” he said yesterday Evo in dialog radial as published by

3 chain.

In addition, he said:

“It is a war of biological and economic powers.

I think that is something planned, something led to that struggle. Now we have seen that the

The united states is not a world power as we thought.

You have to ask for help to Russia, to China…”. “This is a biological war between powers,” he insisted.

For his part, in regard to the situation of his country, and after that the presidential elections planned for may be stopped by the crisis, the aymara indicated:

“Bolivia has two pandemics:

the dictatorship that starves and the coronavirus that kills viruses”.

“The american policy is using the coronavirus in Bolivia, Carlos Mesa is the only candidate of the


We are having problems in access to food. There is a strong State and a legitimate and that not allows you to meet the demands of the bolivian people”, he added.

Even Evo he spoke of how life-changing a time controlled the pandemic, which emerged in China in last December, and said: “we’re Going to have to discuss deeply all that there is to change and prioritize the health care system. Health may not remain a commodity.”

After these statements, through their social networks,

Evo announced that he would donate his income of former president to fight against the virus.

“In the framework of my proposal to which public servants contribute to the crisis of #coronavirus, donaré 100% of my income from the former for pots common in popular neighborhoods of humble families, in terms of the de facto government carries the payment,” he said.

Claim to Argentina

The foreign ministry of Bolivia sent yesterday a new protest to Argentina by the statements of Evo Morales, to seek asylum in Buenos Aires since December, after the former president criticized the management of the new government of Peace.

The minister, bolivian Foreign Relations, Karen Longaric, said, referring to Buenos Aires a note “making a representation very clear, categorical and very respectful, of the surprise that has the government of Bolivia (Morales) may be expressing political issues and compromise the security of the country”.