Courtney Cox disappointment to her fans recognize that olvid of his character in ‘Friends’

The announcement of the return of the series ms view of the last times, Friends gener great expectation among their fanticos, and although all of that emocin came down when it was learned that delaying the launch due to the pandemic by coronavirus. However, the actress Courtney Cox reflot all those emotions to the state that revivi your mtico character Mnica Geller.

From his home, while respecting the quarantine, the artist got in touch with the renowned conductor Jimmy Kimmel, and from the Youtube channel talked about the brand-new around the band of friends that knew how to win the heart of all the viewers over years.

Monica Geller it was one of the characters ms dear of the strip, the edge international was best friend of Rachel Green, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston. The relationship was so good, that, with the passage of time and years, was maturing, and logr consolidated ms all of the cameras of television.

In the midst of the uncertainty that surrounds Friends in regards to your back to the screen, Courtney Cox was surprised by all the internet users who seguan transfer in vivo to recognize that he did not remember his actuacin on the strip. So I decided to buy all the episodes and relive one-to-one programs. Prepares for the return?

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