Demi Lovato, who is willing to make a radical change in your life


Demi Lovato is immersed in the start of a new stage and there are many tests that prove it. His recent musical projects serve to justify so focused that finds the singer in his professional career and a proof of this is the next subject of the singer in collaboration with Sam Smith. ‘Im ready’ is the title that puts a name to the single that will finally see the light next Friday and we have no doubt that it will be a success!

With respect to his personal life, we could say that Demi Lovato is facing one of its best moments. After suffering a setback in his life that kept her away from her day-to-day, the singer has managed to resurface with great success and now opens a new chapter of your life with the clearest ideas.

Sexuality is one of the themes that the singer has taken over in secret until the year 2017, in which it decided to talk openly about it. Just a few months ago he recalled in an interview the moment they revealed their sexual identity to their parents, a time that without doubt has marked his life.

Have already been numerous occasions in which Demi Lovato has assured to be “open to all”. Although publicly only ever known male partners of the female singer, she has ensured that she does not seek for their future, a man with whom to have children. “When I imagine my life in the future, I don’t think in search for a man with whom to have two or three children.”

“I think that it could be much more fun to share children with a woman… so I don’t know what deparara my future, and I am open to all. People always ask me what kind of person I like and I always say: do you Know my history? I don’t have a type of person that I like. Only it’s about connecting. You could say that you only go out with attractive people but it is not so” he continued by explaining the singer about how to imagine their future. It is clear that Demi Lovato has closed one chapter to open a lot more promising that we have no doubt it will be full of success.