Do you Jennifer? This woman says that she taught to kiss Brad Pitt and I made the man that is!


Mexico city.- Elizabeth McGovern not only is one of the fortunate stars they have kissed Brad Pitt in a set of recording, but who claims to be the one who taught to the gallant how to do it and what the man did that it is today.

The actress and the rest of the cast Downton Abbey participated in a recent broadcast of ‘talk show’ of Kelly Clarkson, where they were part of a game called ‘Sip it and Spill it’, which in consideration of the driver is a “sophisticated” version of the ‘I never, never’.

Hugh Bonneville started the dynamic by asking the group if any one has kissed Brad Pitt any time, at which time Elizabeth McGovern coughed and took his cup of tea to take a sip.

What? What is that story?”, immediately asked Kelly Clarkson, to which McGovern replied sarcastically: ‘Someone had to do it.’

The actress then revealed that she worked with Pitt in a film years ago, and kissed him “as a paid job because we were in a set”.

There are worse ways of earning a living, so no I complained. But yes, the took experience with me, I think,” said McGovern.

Clarkson reacted to the statements of Elizabeth by asking if she had been the one who taught me to kiss well to Brad Pitt, to which the actress replied in the tone of a joke:

I did the man that is. He has learned everything from me.”

Brad Pitt and Elizabeth McGovern acted together in The Favora film of 1994.

Source: People