Emma Watson, an icon of social activism and feminism


Emma Watson is celebrating today his 30th birthday and his name is already synonymous with social activism, feminism, and an icon for a whole generation that grew up with it.

Lto met for his unforgettable role as Hermione Granger in the saga Harry Potter. And since that time has not stopped reaping successes. But, why do we love the picture of Emma? It happens that in addition to having one of the most beautiful faces of the industry, recognizes that the role of women goes beyond their appeal, although that does not prevent him to show off his passion for fashion at every award ceremony and red carpet she graces.

The power of good intentions

Although the fame reached very young never left his studies, and in 2014 he earned a degree in English Literature at Brown University. Know that while the popularity and money are powerful tools, the knowledge is even more so.

Proof of this is that it has been attached to movements such as Books on the Undergroundin the incognito mode by going to the platforms of the meters, such as the London or Madrid, hiding books that promote feminism, and so those who find enjoyment and at the end leave them free so that another person can read them. Their message is clear: there is to read and support among women.

In the same year that the news of his university degree revolutionized, his face reappeared in the international media after being named a Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women.

Emma Watson
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In addition, he joined as the spokesperson of the campaign I Have For Hesthat seeks to include men in the movement for gender equality.

However, it has also been the victim of harassment, after one of his speeches at the UN, he received threats that they would appear in Internet photos, where it goes naked. In this regard, he stated: “That is the reality, women who talk about this topic, we receive attacks.”

A minimum of stumbling

Emma Watson has bad moments, but his sense of humor well known to rescue her. In an installment of the Oscar wore a tattoo temporary on the right arm with which he intended to support the movement “Time’ s Up”, created by Hollywood actresses to combat the sexual abuse and harassment.

The matter is that the phrase was missing the apostrophe, which quickly became viral in social networks. In this regard, published: “Vacancy available for spell tattoos fake. Essential experience with apostrophes”.

His reaction was an example that attitude is everything, and undoubtedly, it has captivated tens of men in the world. But while we do not doubt that millions fantasize with having an appointment with her, the truth is that few have managed to establish a formal relationship.

In his list of romances have sounded names as the prince Harry, the employer William “Mack” Knight, who finished in 2017 and Tom Felton , the actor who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.

Emma Watson yTom Felton
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Then she saw him happy and out of the hand of the actor of the series Glee Chor Overstreet.

This English has achieved, its 30 more, what a lot of people dream in your life, being an example of perseverance and the desire to do good are the more powerful motors.

The women above

Other celebs have been added to the effect Emma and have taken advantage of their media exposure to share messages of equity, including Meryl Streep, Shakira, Madonna, Cara Delevingne and Kylie Minogue. What that shows: everything is possible if we raise our voice.

Do you admire this great actress?

By: Drafting Vanities