Fans hit to Diddy after he tells her to Kylie Jenner who is an inspiration for women of color

Another day, another controversy surrounding Diddy.

This time, it has to do with the comments made by the mogul of Bad Boy on Kylie Jenner. The comments came on the 12th of April when he joined Instagram Live with Jenner in an attempt to raise money to combat the coronavirus, which has affected nearly 2 million people around the world.

While praising their personal contributions, Diddy called Jenner, an inspiration for women of color, that is not going well with some viewers.

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The Instagram of Diddy live with Kylie Jenner

In addition to being an artist, Diddy is known as a person with a social conscience that aims to inspire positive action and help the needy. That is why, on April 12, held a fundraiser coronavirus dance-a-thon on Instagram Live, which raised money for the workers who are in the front line in the middle of the pandemic.

Among the many celebrities who joined was Jenner, who received praise for instant Diddy for their contributions to the relief efforts of the coronavirus. After the surgeon general Jerome Adams called on influential people such as Jenner in march to help fight the virus, she began to share tips with their fans, donated $ 1 million to the cause and, according to reports, gave the disinfectant to medical professionals along with their mother, Kris Jenner (via Page Six).

“Today is about giving love and I want to tell you as a scammer, I’ve been a scammer for a long time, your hustle has no comparison,” he said. “I have [two] daughters and you are a great inspiration for them and for all women of all colors “.

Look at the time around the mark 6:20

Reactions of fans to the comments of Diddy on Kylie Jenner

It seems that most of the people just couldn’t believe that Diddy was there. In response to your comments, a viewer shared a tweet that said: “Diddy was just telling Kylie that she is an inspiration to all women of color … … he has been lying all night just to get a dollar”.

“Diddy actually told Kylie that she is an inspiration to all women of color … IM SICKKKK”, read another tweet while someone else wondered: “what has been lost?”

“DIDDY is not only said that Kylie is an inspiration for WOC…. WHAT ”, you read a fourth tweet.

Others, however, defended the star.

“Please, stop trying to make a problem that didn’t say” women of colour “, he said” All women of ALL COLOR, “ read a message (via Ace Showbiz).

“He has never tried to be black, has never done anything hateful. It is a positive influence on young people and has done great things that even makes the sight of all. You can’t hate her, is a beautiful person inside and out, “ reads another.

Someone else added: “Diddy just estamparle Kylie a goat, stop playing with it”.

Jenner, along with the rest of her family, has often been accused of taking advantage and exploiting the black culture, that seems to be the root of the problem here. However, for the most part, Jenner has been disconnected by the noise, and ignored the criticism.

Diddy is still catching violent reactions

The same day, Diddy confronted a violent reaction by their different reactions to Lizzo and Draya Michele, of the wives of basketball, doing twerking during her Instagram Live.

In case you’ve lost it, Diddy stopped by to Lizzo almost immediately when he began to call to “123” of MoneyBagg Me. But when Draya broke out the same movements later, while he was playing “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile, it allowed the star of the reality to continue without interruption or complaint.

Many viewers felt that Diddy was being fatfo and in general unfair, and they turned to websites like Twitter to criticize him. In the midst of the backlash, Diddy spoke and clarified why arrested Lizzo, saying that it had to do with the song unholy that was playing. However, some Twitter users still did not do so, pointing out that “Back That Azz Up” also includes profanity. Diddy did not respond to those comments.

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