From such a stick such a splinter! Daughter of Barbara de Regil turns on the networks with a bold photo Stunning!


Sea Alexa became known through the publications of his mother, who is one of the most beloved artists of Mexico, thanks to its wide path.

And is that the daughter of Barbara de Regil seem to be interested in following in their footsteps, given that it feels very comfortable in front of the cameras and the fans.

Something that has been demonstrated in their social networks, which shows extremely uninhibited before his 1.6 million followers.

First showcased in the videos along with the acclaimed actress, but now the 17 year old girl is making become a fame of its own, thanks to his Instagram.

There he published photos that leave more than one without breath, as his great physique makes it clear that it is clear the daughter of his mother.

In your profile, the first-born of the the interpreter of ” Rosary Scissors’ delights all with cards in which flaunts your character inherited. It looks great!

In addition to Instagram, Sea Alexa it also makes use of TikTok, where he publishes videos doing the ‘challenges’ of the moment. It is an artist!