Henry Cavill paints figures for Warhammer for social isolation

Henry Cavill, the actor behind Superman and Geralt of The Witcher, is spending their time on social isolation, demonstrating their pride geek on social networks, by painting miniatures of Warhammer.

In an Easter message to his followers, Cavill published the image below to your account of instagram where there is shown painting a helmet for a figure of Warhammer.


“Considering that, both, we are passing the period of Easter, and going by the running of The Bulls, I assumed that it was a good time to see the good side to the cloud which is some of the darkest moments during this time”, released Cavill. “So I’ve decided to Polish some old skills and to try some new! It is the time of rebirth after all.”

Cavill proceeded to profess his love for Games Workshop, the british company of war games miniature behind the games fantasy Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000:

“So, as you can see here, the obvious might be a bit like a tiny helmet… which if it is. One of my hobbies of almost all life, I have been following but not doing it actively, it is this. A company called Games Workshop… or crack of plastic as “we” call it. Genuinely can’t get enough of the story that have been built over the decades. I have been some of my readings more enthusiastic! If, before denying that he was a geek, they can no longer hide from it now.”

You can also see a monitor behind the hands of Cavill with a document half-written, so it seems that the actor is working on a story of your own while you are in isolation, or how he says, “there may be some skills that are completely new I’m working on… or might not exist, so all of your squint eyes and attempts to blur digital will be in vain…. ooooo maybe not”.

Henry Cavill will return as Geralt of Rivia in the Season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix, which will introduce multiple new characters that will be recognizable to fans of the books.

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