His house became a source of mockery on social networks


Justin Bieber is living a routine of the most relaxed during these days, in which half the world is immersed in the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Like a long list of famous, the singer is making more use than ever of the social networks and there are many moments of the day to share with their followers, thus narrowing even further the bond with their fans.

Although there are many activities that you share, the videos of Tik Tok that climbs up to the social networks and the many trials of love that left in every photo that he shares with his partner Hailey Baldwinhave not been to any of these the reasons that have made the singer goes viral in full pandemic.

The vast majority of followers of Justin Bieber profess a respect and unconditional lovebut there are also who decide to throw a bit of humor during these days and it has been a comparison of one of the houses of the singer which has sparked the laughter of the community on Twitter.

Although, currently, the singer resides with his partner in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills the singer has another property which has been the real protagonist during these days. The laughs are due to the appearance of the mansion, who keeps the appearance the less futuristic. Your building is cylindrical in shape and reminiscent of the 80s that was reflected in the movies the thought and imagination of how life would be like in the years in which we find ourselves currently.

Do you remember The ‘fantastic car’? Yes, the design of this property of Justin Bieber could follow the line of the technological design of the same series and there have been numerous comparisons that have been made in the social networks.

“Why is the house of Justin Bieber looks like a console waste of the year 2000?” it has been one of the many comments that have left some users on Twitter. What about you, you’ve already seen the comparisons? Do you think the same?