How do the routines of the beauty of the famous I have become addicted to the tutorials


A stroll through Youtube, I have discovered the secrets of Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian or Rihanna (and I think put them all into practice)

Updated 16/04/2020 11:01

The youtubers ms known in the universe beauty meet with new competitors that can hardly be able to steal followers. Celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian or Rihannaoverturned on their Youtube channels to show their routines of beauty. Discover how to care for your skin and get a natural makeup I have become addicted to the tutorials of beauty.

Since the confinement we have been relegated to our homes, the consumption of tutorials on Youtube has increased significantly. Routines, fitness, recipes, crafts… all sorts of activities to cover the time that we have free at home, because the simple task that assumes the boredom est absolutely degraded. If the planning of the da (despite not leaving the house) is not composed of at least ten different activities (excluding meals and telework), be excluded from the society and also virtually. You can use that “I’m not the life” for excusarte to your friends when they ask you if you’ve seen the series that everyone talks about or if you’ve read since the last best seller the that just know the synopsis.

I speak daily with friends who show me that to make up for a video call is only performed when it is a ocasin special, like a birthday. Is not the same as descuelgues and all over the world to tell you how well you have laid the treintaytantos to pass without penalty or glory in front of a screen where an uncoordinated manner four people strive to sing the birthday happy. Those same friends are the ones that each gives that quedbamos I added in admiration because they were always pristine. The confinement has taken away the desire of make-up, and I here, to counter. Not that I don’t know to put my makeup on or it did before the confinement, is that I was lazy. And now I’m taking advantage of the time that “spare me” (with the understanding that surplus as that allocated to the transfers to the job center, because children continue to be the main bank of time in my life) in search for tutorials of beauty that I inspire you. As I’ve been finding with some other well-known face that reveals their beauty secrets to all the staff. And I have not discovered anything absolutely novel ms that my fascinacin by the amount of things that makes the people to stay as well and that attempt to carry out for that when I finish this to take to the streets as the day of my birthday they all looked up to him from the other side of the screen.

Of the night to the morning I’ve seen plenty of tutorials that you want is not always you learn something. Some celebrities are a autnticas gurs of beauty. Those that have their own brand cosmetics such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna make their tutorials platforms for promotion of your brand. But listen, this is normal, there is so much competition that it is important not to miss any chance of promotion.

The rise of the it girl britnica not only comes from the hand of his unmistakable style, the same that became a reference to the street style makes ms a dcada, but because Alexa does not conform. Now his Youtube channel has started to publish a series of videos under the title “Secrets of the skin care”. In these recordings appears next to his friend Rio Viera-Newton, a specialist in beauty in The Strategist, to tell and act out various routines for the face. Until now, the two captulos that have been published have been reproduced almost four hundred thousand times in three weeks. In the last episode, Rio and Alexa do a cleaning of face where there is no shortage of gadgets or outfits to aim.

The largest of the clan Kardashian delights its more than million and a half subscribers with a series of tutorials of make-up. The last delivery, a step-by-step to get a natural makeup without leaving the house, shows the techniques and products used by the celebrity inside your home. The tutorial est full tips and references to the products of their brand cosmetics (KKW Beauty) he considers “essential”. But there are also jokes that the humanized, as the natural occurrence in the scene of his daughter who observes curious to his mother in front of the mirror. Although the videos are short, the last from little more than eight minutes, is supported by resources such as time lapse. Because the makeup to be simple, but the technique has its one and involves many steps that are not only a 10-minute…

The singer, the owner of the mark Fenty, a long time ago that he surrendered to the cause beauty. Besides entrepreneur, is an expert Youtuber from 2018. Your channel on Youtube over 30 million subscribers. With one exception, every one of your videos about beauty surpasses the million of views.

The first thing that surprises is that she, the ever-present and always perfect Victoria Beckham does not have millions of followers on their channel, but things ms rare have seen… Although a few months ago, does not hang any video of beauty (one that has a section specific) see her perform one of his tricks is always inspiring. How to get a look ms wide and intense, or show off the perfect skin in just a minute are tutorials if you have not seen it, you must not miss.