How do you end up with someone without breaking the heart?

All the ruptures oooooobvio are the most painful when you do it and when you do it to the other person when things do not work anymore but still have that feeling nice for the other person. However, when that happens, it is best quand things end with that, here a few tips of how to finish with someone without breaking the heart… so much.


Watch showing signs that their relationship already not going so wellso he will know that something happens. For anything in the world ever ilusionarlo nor let us pass the time, so that’s why, you also need to be safe want to do it.


Cut to someone by call or message it is the worst thing you can do, so always discuss it from the front because as well you will notice their faces, feelings, and the communication will be more directyes it is ugly but it is better.

What are you going to say?

Think about all you’re going to tell you, I know,to be honest nobody likes the lies and the more honest you are, thank you and after you will understand. If you know what you want to tell, avoid also a drama you don’t want to and the two the estresará.


Stay quiet and transmítele that feeling, so the two will be able to speak with clarity, patience and will end badly. Another thing is that for anything in the world is insult because everything can be worse.

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So these tips will help you the most if you’re in a situation like this and you don’t want to hurt to that person.

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